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Pipe Shoes

Axial stop variable VAS F


Modification of the Simotec pipe shoes to a double-sided variable axial stop, for use with siFramo profiles. Using the Axial stop, the pipe shoe can move axially through the pipe to a predefined degree of displacement, with restricted limits in both axial directions.

Scope of delivery

Axial stop VAS F consists of:
1 Fixed point bracket
2 Axial stops
2 Threaded rods M12 x 500
12 Hexagon nuts M12


The sliding plate of the pipe shoe is dismantled. The shoe bracket is connected to the beam section F 80 or F 100 with 4 FLS F self-forming screws. The 500 mm threaded rods are cut to the required length on site.
The required amount of axial movement is adjusted using the supplied nuts, with a maximum displacement of 125 mm, equating to half of the sliding plate Forces in the axial direction can only be achieved if anti-slip devices (e.g. cleats/stoppers) are used properly. These must be provided when designing the pipeline and are the responsibility of the pipeline manufacturer.

Technical Data

Load capacities correspond to the values of the fixed point bracket XW F, see documentation in the catalogue. However, maximum axial load is 12 kN per axial stop.

Steel, HCP
VAS F 802.51 802789
VAS F 1002.71 802790