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Assembly Groups

Assembly Group BG61 T100-1/2"


An Assembly Group containing components to make up a permanent pipe connection with the insulated Chilled Water Clamp RB for chiller plants and cool water systems. The Assembly Group is designed for use with the 100 beam system and steel beams up to a flange width of 100 mm. It is connected using the Assembly Set MS 5P, and the height is adjusted via the Threaded Tube ½”.

Scope of delivery

Each Assembly Group is pre-assembled, packed and labeled.

Parts list:
Item 1 Chilled Water Clamp RB
  Assembly Kit MKit F 80 1/2" consists of:
Item 2 Threaded Tube GR 1/2" x 200
Item 3 Locking Nut NT G 1/2"
Item 4 Mounting Plate GPL Stabil R1/2"-100
Item 5 Beam Clip SPA 5P AU M12 HCP
Hexagon Bolt M12x60 HCP
Hexagon Nut M12 HCP
Washer HCP


The assembly of the individual components to form an Assembly Group is carried out during the course of pipe installation on the construction site.

Technical Data

Lmax, vertical = 200 mm
Lmax, horizontal = 150 mm

Connecting parts:
Steel, HCP
Bolts and nuts:
Steel, HCP
Insulating body:
PUR foam (250 kg/m3 , B2), µ = 1200
λ = 0,045 W/mK (0°C)
Area of use:
-50°C to +105°C
TypeNominal widths
21/30155081301.651 112733
27/30205087301.651 112734
33/30255093301.661 112735
42/303250102301.671 112736
48/304050108301.671 112737
60/305050120301.761 112738
76/306550136301.881 112739
89/308050149301.931 112740
114/4010050195402.511 112741