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Assembly Groups

Assembly Group BG52 F80/100


An Assembly Group for the creation of guided supports for pipes without complex requirements and generally without insulation. As an alternative to U-bolts, this U-clamp is ideal for space-saving, direct assembly on the supporting structure. The slide plate reduces the friction between the pipe and supporting structure (siFramo sections).
A galvanic separation between the pipe and U-clamp and the supporting structure is achieved through the plastic linings and slide plate, meaning that VA pipes can also be secured, for example.

Scope of delivery

Each Assembly Group is pre-assembled, packed and labeled.

Parts list:
Item 1 U-Camp RUC I
Item 2 Self Forming Screw FLS F


The assembly of the individual components to form an Assembly Group is carried out during the course of pipe installation on the construction site.

Technical Data

Clamp body:
Steel, HCP
Lining and slide plate:
Thermoplastic resins
Area of use:
-20°C to +90°C (at lining and slide plate)
TypeNominal widths
27151340.281 114656
33201400.291 114657
40251470.321 114658
48321550.341 114659
55401610.361 114660
67501730.411 114661
83651890.481 114662
95802020.521 114663
1211002270.611 114664
1521252590.711 114665
1811502870.831 114666
2322003380.991 114667
2862503921.201 114668
3363004431.341 114669