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Fastening to Concrete and Steel

Insulated Foot SHB SQF F 80


Integrated footplate and permeable rubber compound mat to provide a solution for the support of building services, without the need for penetrative supports. In combination with the Sikla Framo TP F 80 section, any low level frame structure may be built up from the footplates.
Especially suitable for maintaining the thermal and waterproofing integrity of a roof or basement floor as no penetrative fixings are required to secure the footplates for service supports.

The SQF foot is a primary element when supporting such plant as AHU and Chiller Units and is available 0º or with a 2.5º or 5º pitch.

Technical Data

max. perm.
pressure load FN [kN]
Insertion depth
SQF 350 16 100 70
SQF 500 16 130 90

Tests to determine the coefficient of friction shall be carried out by the customer. Depending on the used roofing film the customer has to decide if an additional separation layer (e.g. felt) is necessary. Furthermore the statics have to be verified by a qualified engineer.

SBR-Recycled Rubber. Bound using a ratio of high quality moisture curing
Polyurethane Pre-Polymer BS7188 & BS5696 Part 3
dimensions [mm]
SHB SQF F 80-350350 x 3505.41 218865
SHB SQF F 80-350 (Pitch 2.5)350 x 3505.01 218866
SHB SQF F 80-350 (Pitch 5)350 x 3505.01 218867
SHB SQF F 80-500500 x 50015.61 218868
SHB SQF F 80-500 (Pitch 2.5)500 x 50013.51 218869
SHB SQF F 80-500 (Pitch 5)500 x 50013.51 218870