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Fastening to Concrete and Steel

End Support WBD F 100/160


Plug-in component designed to create a square endplate at the open end of a Beam Section TP F100 or a Beam Bracket.


Depending on the situation, different options are recommended:

a) Directly to building structure: 4 x suitable wall anchors and 4 Self Forming Screws FLS applied to the square/octagonal insert.
b) To traditional steel beams between 80 – 300 mm flange dimensions: 1x Assembly Set 5P M12 S, M16 S and 4 Self Forming Screws FLS applied to the square/octagonal insert.
c) To traditional steel beams > 120 flange dimension: with on-demand Adaptor Plate (tbc).

The Beam Section TP F 100/160 connected to the End Support WBD F 100/160 has to be screwed with 8 Self Forming Screws FLS F. On each of the broader sides 4 Self Forming Screws FLS F are necessary.

Technical Data

for flange width
Dimensions of base plate
Slots in base plate for
WBD F 100/160-121/160 121 - 160 320 x 260 x 12 M12 232
WBD F 100/160-161/200 161 - 200 320 x 310 x 12 M16 232
WBD F 100/160-201/300 201 - 300 420 x 220 x 12 M16 232

Base plate welded to square F 100/60
Steel, HCP
Square F 100:
Steel, HCP

Approvals / Conformity

CE mark (Declaration of performance see

Declaration of performance End Support WBD F PDF | 340.6 KB

WBD F100/160-121/16010.531 113098
WBD F100/160-161/20011.951 113099
WBD F100/160-201/30011.141 113100