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Sound- & Vibration Absorption

Sound Absorber SDE 2-UG 16


Universal sound absorption element for heavy loads. Particularly suitable for soundproof Installation according to DIN 4109

  • of single connections to M16 Threaded rods, also on girders or roof structures of any gradient
  • of soundproof Fixed Points in trestle arrangement using 4 SDE 2-UG 16.

Suitable for installation of soundproof inclined supports, or onto Sikla Channels (recommended from size 41/41).

Scope of delivery

The joint bracket, which is to be connected with the support system, is pre-assembled using an M10 hexagon bolt and safety nut.


For soundproof single point installation we recommend to connect the SDE 2-UG 16 to the centric thread connection of the Stabil D-3G.
For soundproof Fixed Points in trestle arrangement (see picture below), please see the notes in the Fixed Point section.
Instead of the normally used 4 Universal Joints, 4 Sound Absorber SDE 2-UG 16 are used to fix on the building structure.

Technical Data

Working load (tension or pressure
for all directions in the plane of rotation):
Max. 10 kN
Fixed Point force in pipe axis
direction for trestle arrangement as per
picture below:
Max. 25 kN
Sound absorption value:
Up to 15 dB(A)

Lateral forces require additional support.
Dimensioning of the anchor of further joining elements may restrict the application.

Connection to
building structure
Connection to
Spring constant
SDE 2 - UG 16 ø 16.5 ø 17.0 3.5

Metal Body:
Welded steel, electro-galvanised
Sound absorption insert:
PUR (foamed), RG 650 kg/m3
Temperature range:
-30 up to +100°C
SDE 2 - UG 160.9810 161053