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Pipe Guides & Slide Elements

Slide Set GS CC - H3G-PL


Heavy-duty Slide Set for plant construction to be used on Sikla Channels, brick or concrete walls and on bearers.
To be used preferably in combination with pipe clamps Stabil D-3G, Ratio S and Chilled Water Clamp SKS.
Various connection options of the pipe clamp depending on the respective load: M12, M16. In combination with 1/2"-adapters (see Adapter f/f) there are even further possibilities.
Especially suitable for ceiling and floor mounting solutions and as a guide for rising pipes.
Sound absorption due to slide rails in PPS glass fibre reinforced.

Scope of delivery

Slide Set incl. pre-assembled CC-elements.


Locks automatically in the channel by pushing down the the bolt head, tighten - that's it!
For pipes of NB 100 or larger having to be spaced at a distance from the Slide Set, or under conditions of reversed bending stress, the 3G triple thread nut is to be secured by screwing on a 1/2" Locking Nut.

Technical Data

Permissible load for ceiling mounting:
5.0 kN
Permissible load for floor mounting:
9.0 kN
Maximum lever arm distance Lmax:
250 mm
Max. sliding distance
CC - H3G-PL:
100 mm
CC - H3G2-PL:
135 mm
Temperature range (permanent exposure):
Static friction coefficient µ0:
Sliding friction coefficient µ:

Metal components:
Steel, electro-galvanised

Adm. load FZ * under stress of fire

FWD 30
FWD 60
FWD 90
FWD 120
≤ 1.000 ≤ 540 ≤ 360 ≤ 260

FZ = max. adm. tensile load

* The load capacity of the connecting elements used is to be respected, this applies in particular under stress of fire.

CC - H3G-PL1.6110 191747
CC - H3G2-PL1.9510 191738