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Strut-Channel & Bracing

Clamping Unit KL


Used for assembling double channels made from Sikla Channels with slot pattern III or IV, i.e. with a minimum material thickness of 2.0 mm.
This system could be used for pre-assembly in a workshop also.
A torque wrench is required in order to ensure that the static values indicated on page 3-7 are achieved.

Attention: These values are only guaranteed when using Sikla Channels.

Scope of delivery

Consists of forming plate, pressure plate and a hexagon socket bolt M8 (DIN 7991)


Max. spacing between connecting points is 500 mm, with one point at each end of the channel section. Required number of Clamping Units: channel 2m = 5 pcs., channel 6m = 13 pcs.
For Channel 41/21/2,0 no connecting elements, like channels nuts, etc. could be placed directly above the connectors.
Torque: M = 25 Nm

Technical Data

Malleable cast iron, electro-galvanised
TypeFor Sikla ChannelW
KL 141/21/2.0 bis 41-75/75/3.00.1150 118055