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The Beam Clamp 41 allows for a direct connection of Sikla 41mm slotted strut channel to beam without having this obstruction. In order to achieve this, the foot of the Beam Clamp must be inserted into the slot on the back of the channel.

Scope of delivery

Cast iron part, completely pre-assembled with clamping bolt and locking nut.


Insert the foot of the Beam Clamp into the slot on the back of the channel, twist by 90° and push it against the beam's flange. First tighten bolt of Beam Clamp (hand-tight), then tighten further with 1 1/2 turns. The sharpened tip of the bolt will dent the beam thus providing a high level of safety. At last tighten locking nut. Every channel (statically determined) has to be fixed at least twice.

Technical Data

The following nominal load applies for a new Beam Clamp fixed to an undamaged beam flange.

Nominal load:
4.0 kN
Cast iron, clamping bolt 8.8, electro galvanised
TypeClamping range on
parallel flange
TCS 41200.1250 110004