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SF Surefit Anchor


The Surefit Anchor is a universal throughbolt expansion anchor available in either electro-galvanised steel or stainless steel. The unique expansion segment means that the anchor can be used for "stress-free" applications in the same way as either a resin or undercut anchor, for close edge and axial spacing.
The Surefit Anchor is suitable for concrete but can also be used in solid Masonry.
No special drill-bit or setting tool is required for installation and the anchor can be completely removed after installation if required.

Scope of delivery

Supplied with Sleeve, Washer and Bolt


Drill 12 mm or 16 mm hole to required depth
Remove dust and debris from hole
Position attachment in the correct location to the drilled hole e.g. Sikla Channel, end plate or bracket component.
Using a hammer, drive the anchor through the fixture into the base material until both fixture and anchor are bearing firmly against base material.
Observing the recommended installation torque, tighten the nut until the required toque has been reached. The anchor may be immediately loaded.

Technical Data

Tension F
Shear V
Tension F
Shear V
Ultimate load in concrete 30 N/mm2 (kN)
14,20 11,50 30,50 34,30
Characteristic load in concrete 30 N/mm2 (kN)
13,80 9,80 25,80 28,90
Permissible load in concrete 30 N/mm2 (kN)
4,60 3,30 8,60 9,60

Permissible bending moment (Nm)
77,90 155,30
Recommended embedment depth (mm)
50 90
Min. Axial spacing (mm)
110 225
Min. Edge spacing (mm)
60 110
Min. base material thickness (mm)
90 175
Nominal diameter of drill bit (mm)
12 16
Min. drill hole depth (mm)
60 100
Installation torque (Nm)
15 50
Spanner / socket size (standard head) (mm)
10 17
Spanner / socket size (modified head) (mm)
13 n/a

All load values are taken from tests conducted for the ETA submission. Avaiable in "super stainless" DIN 1.4529 for highly corrosive environments. Due to controlled expansion zone of anchor upon installation, anchor may be used within majority of brickwork and blockwork base materials.
Large washer (nominal 20 mm OD) for spreading the load when used to fix through the slots of Sikla Channel. M6 or M8 head in gr 8.8 high tensile steel allows for easy 10 mm or 13 mm A/F box-spanner or socket access into Channel profile without clashing with openface of Channel sides.

Compatibility with Sikla components (as a through-fix to base material)

  • All 41 mm profile Sikla Channels
  • Support Brackets 150/150 and greater
  • End Support WBDs 41/52 to 41-75/75 and 41/41 D to 41-75/75 D
  • All 41 mm Profile Cantilever Brackets
  • Channel Brackets SH 41-75/65 and SH 41-75/75

  • Channel Brackets SH 41/45 D to 41-75/75 D
  • Fitting Set type M
  • All fixing Brackets type MW
  • Fixing Brackets type S 60/40/90 and S 90/60/90
  • All slide set base units (when fixing directly to base material)
  • Universal Joints type UG M8 to UG M16
  • Simotec beam brackets type TKO, SKO, QKO
  • Simotec end plates type GPL, WBD C
  • siFramo 80 endplates

Approvals / Compliance

European Technical Approval (pending)
Fire tested

Total length
12 / 10M6M61010600.03550 266526
12 / 10M6M81310600.03850 266527
16 / 10M10M1017101000.22825 266528